Callor Gas We are a CALOR GAS retailer, regularly stocking BUTANE 4.5kg - 15kg, PROPANE 3.9kg - 13kg and PATIO/BBQ gas bottles 5 - 15kg. Winter fules COAL, LOGS & WINTER FUELS. During the winter months we stock everything you need to heat your home. 10KG - 25KG House/Premium Coal & 10KG - 20KG Smokeless Coal, Kindling & Seasoned hard wood Logs. Pet food & Bedding We stock a large selection of BIRD FOOD, PET FOOD and PET BEDDING, from Peanuts, Wild bird seed, Sunflower Hearts, Mealworms & fat-balls. We also stock a wide range of Cat, Dog, Rabbit and Hamster food, including, Pet beading, Sawdust, Hey & Straw.
Domestic cleaning & cleaning products We sell a wide range of DOMESTIC CLEANING & HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS, from bleach to shoe laces, door mats to clothes lines and airers. We have it all! Electrical We stock ELETRICAL GOODS, including most types of light bulb. from 10w - 100w standard bulbs, energy saving bulbs, oven bulbs & Halogen bulbs. If we don't stock it & you can't find it we can get it for you. We stock electrical Cable, Plugs, Lamp holders faceplates back boxes and much more. Plumbing We stock PLUMBING goods, including Tap Washers, pipes and much more
Gardening GET 25% OFF loads of GARDEING PRODUCTS, from weed killers to plant food, cat & slug repellent, Gardening tools, Compost & Soil, plants & bedding, Garden Canes in all sizes & much more. DIY We have all you need for your DIY & IRONMONGERYneeds! cards With a Huge selection of GREETING CARDS for all occasions, you will find the cards you need.
stationary parcels & posting With a large selection of STATIONARY, POSTAGE BOXES, PARCELS, BUBBLE WRAP we can supply everything you need for your home or school. and everything else you will need to post your goods. Birthday and gifts We have all you need for a BIRTHDAY PARTY from Balloons, Banners, Badges, Party Plates & Gifts Confectionary With a large selection of WEIGHED SWEETS, CONFECTIONARY & PENNY SWEETS we have what you need to s for fill your sweet tooth.